and tradition

W idely dimensioned, the wine cellar, remarkably functional, includes all the advanced technical facilities necessary for the elaboration of a great wine. The general structure is buried to obtain a perfect isotherm and the operating system is based on an absolute principle of gravity. The harvest is placed in crates, sorted properly passing on a level and soon after to the top level coming up to tanks because of a conveyor belt.

Manual sorting is done directly in order to mitigate the effects. Widely open to visitors, the winery is also a true architectural success. Open on both sides, one can see a remarkable roof which is crossed, in the buried part, by a series of columns that culminate in the visit of the room of vats and the cellars with barrels and bottles.

T he tanks, which are very small in size (30 hectoliters), extend across the cellar according to the division of the vineyard parcels and thus allow the realization of very refined sets.

No fewer than six cooperatives participate in the breeding that lasts on average, depending on the structure of the crop, between 18 and 24 months based on a third of the new barrels.