Founded in 2001
by Miguel Martinho Afonso,

PSTT VITI (Provider of Services to All Wine Works), quickly became a key element in the vineyard, which, over time, was contracted for by the most prestigious castles of Medoc. Seven years after its inception, Château Martinho has been the forefront of know-how and a great team that makes use of state-of-the-art equipment.

This original synergy allows Miguel Martinho Afonso to start, in record time, a particularly rich quality approach.

Thus, delivering a remarkable harvest in 2009, Château Martino immediately integrates the circle of the largest wines of Listrac.

The emerging fame of the estate will be followed by a quick consolidation, with the complimentary comments from Guide Hachette, which awarded him among the favorites including the one obtained in 2013, with this comment:

« This remarkable bottle has only one flaw, its relative rarity. ».